About Fire Service Welfare Trust


Department of Fire Service & Civil Defence (FSCD) is the first official responder in any natural or manmade disasters.  Fire Fighters never sleep. They work round the clock i.e. work 24/7 in a week for safety of lives and properties of the people.  Firefighting and rescuing by profession are very risky and challenging. Firefighters generally get severe injury and also sometimes sacrifice their own lives during fire extinguishing and recue works. There are limited scopes at the government end for supporting them.

In the given circumstances, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, has felt need of forming a business entity similar to other Security Services Organizations existing in the country as to support and ensure welfare of survivors and families of deceased firefighters on action. Accordingly, the Fire Service Welfare Trust (FWT) is formed. The Hon’ble Prime Minister was very kind enough to provide the initial fund as seed money to run the business and the commercial activities of Fire Service Welfare Trust.







About Us

Fire Service Welfare Trust (FWT) is a limited company registered under company Act.1994 (Incorporation number: CA-153257/2019), TIN 673430921822 and Trade license no: TRAD/DSCC/275908//2019 under Dhaka South City Corporation. The modus-operendy of FWT was conceptualized as “FWT will support and ensure welfare of its target group with the revenue earned through commercial activities and business to be carried out by it.”

      FWT has started its journey with a team comprised with professionally and administratively experienced people. FWT is committed to render services to its customers with experienced working team, especially in designing and planning of fire safety plans, safety solutions, construction and supply works, Housing project etc, with integrity and professionalism. Simultaneously, FWT is also committed to serve public sector bodies, organizations through Direct Procurement Method under Public procurement Act/2006 with utmost sincerity and professionalism.

Status of Fire Service Welfare Trust​

Fire Service Welfare Trust is an independent legal entity. It is a Charitable Trust administered by a Board of Trustees, the supreme governing body. It is an entirely self-supporting welfare organization for the welfare of FSCD, live victims during discharging duties, Ex-Fire Service personnel and their families. All expenditures of its diverse welfare activities are being met with the income generated by its own industrial and commercial projects and business activities.


“Becoming a symbol of hope and aspiration of whole community of Ex and serving fire personnel and employees of FSCD, as well as a leading organization in this arena.”


“Satisfying customers and beneficiaries through standard services with quality products and values. Ensuring attractive return to the organization through sustained and high quality growth by generating maximum profit commercial ventures, utilizing its resources efficiently. Distributing profit among its target group through a wide range of welfare activities.”


Fire Service Welfare Trust (FWT) expects unconditional support, trust and cooperation from all quarters as to grow and proof the capability and professionalism of this newly born entity.

Meet our Executive Body

With their experience we are growing big day by day