Fire Service Welfare Trust(FWT) designs fire safety plan and provides Safety Solutions through a professional team with practical experience. FWT fully recognizes the importance of protecting the National ecosystem, minimizing our environmental footprint and reducing the use of natural resources by offering and encouraging business solutions in ways that support responsible and sustainable development.

Through the management of fire hazards within the structure, the establishment of maintenance processes, and the provision of a methodical evacuation strategy in the case of a fire, fire safety planning works to prevent the incidence of fire.

Sprinkler and fire alarm systems, hose stations, portable fire extinguishers, fire dampers, emergency lights, exit signs, fire doors, smoke control equipment, and voice communication systems are all considered to be fire protection systems in this text.

Definitions in General for Fire Safety Plans

A class A fire is one that involves combustible materials including paper, cloth, and wood.

Fire that involves flammable or combustible liquid, fat, or grease is classified as a class B fire.

A Class C fire is one that involves electrical equipment that is in motion.

Any liquid with a flash point at or above 37.8 °C and below 93.3 °C is considered combustible.

A continuous route of travel from any point in a building, room, or contained open space to a public thoroughfare or other acceptable open space provided by a doorway, hall, corridor, exterior passageway, balcony, lobby, stair, ramp, or other egress facility, or combination thereof, is known as a means of egress (means of egress includes exits and access to exits).


  • Detail Engineering Assessment (DEA).
  • Preliminary Assessment on Structural Integrity, Electrical & Fire Safety.
  • Energy Efficiency Audit.
  • Corrective Action Plan (CAP) management of Accord, Alliance & DIFE
  • Fire prevention & protection system design Installation.
  • Complete electrical solution for new & existing building.
  • Consultancy of GREEN factories for LEED certified under USGBC
  • Architectural & Structural design of R.C.C & Steel Structures.
  • Construction & Supervision of R.C.C. & Steel Structures
  • Design, Drawing & installation for lightning protection system (LPS), SLD, ELD
  • All kind of Electrical testing (Thermal, Insulation, Earth resistance etc.)
  • All kind of Structural NDT/SDT-Ferro scan, Hammer, UPV, Core cutting & Soil Test.
  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessment
  • Pile Load Test (PLT), Pile Integrity Test (PIT)

With approving bodies, we can confidently offer a comprehensive fire safety plan to satisfy the needs of our clients. For the complete system that includes fire protection, fire detection, an evacuation plan, a public address sound system, a single line diagram, a lightning protection system, etc., our service includes detailed design and drawing, installation, inspection, testing, commissioning, and annual maintenance.